Sitemap - 2022 - The Warning with Steve Schmidt

Let 2023 be better

Wild flamingos

11 predictions for 2023

If you could meet three historical figures, who would they be?

I’ve finally joined Post and Mastodon

George Santos is a perfect fit

A vote for Kevin McCarthy is a vote for cowardice

The shame of Greg Abbott

December 25, 1776

The 10 'best of' The Warning: 2022 Edition

Ukraine's interests are those of America


Holiday reading recommendations

An unprecedented day in American history

The past is not so distant

Kevin McCarthy's toxic career is like black mold from the Trump flood


We The People deserve better

Lifting your voice for freedom

We are living in one of the most corrupt moments in American history

A new era is at hand

What was happening in America yesterday?

Do you know why so many US towns and streets are named Lafayette?

Welcome your thoughts: what are your favorite classics of American literature?

Ding, ding, the Don is gone!

Senator Raphael Warnock's victory is one for journalism?

McCarthy and McConnell deserving of rebuke

“Cowards rule the world these days”

It’s time to end the Trump era: 2015-2022

Welcome your thoughts: a national emergency

“There’s something happening here…”

Booed in Boston

“Gaslighting” may be the word of the year, but it’s so much more than that

SBF, the Bernie Madoff of this era, remains a featured speaker at The New York Times DealBook Summit

Western beauty

Reflections on antisemitism and indifference

Who goes Nazi? 2022 edition

Passing from one era to another

Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

It's time to pick up JFK's unfinished business

Ding, dong, the Don is gone!

Passing from one era to another

“0ur faith sought the harmony of man with his surroundings”

The showdown between Senator Ed Markey and Elon Musk

Nancy Pelosi is a legend

Time keeps marching on

The year of Chuck Schumer that wasn't

Lord of the Flies in the House Republican Conference

How the Washington game is played

Sometimes it takes a football game to remember that America is us

American politics remains broken

Tim Ryan’s must-watch political speech

FINAL REMINDER: “Ask Me Anything" session with Steve Schmidt tonight

Election Day is here

REMINDER: November 9th "Ask Me Anything" session with Steve Schmidt: midterm elections analysis

UPDATED: The "little Eichmann"

The hypocrisy of business and media elites

There is no rock & roll without freedom

The unmasking of Bret Baier of Fox News

"Ask Me Anything" session with Steve Schmidt: midterm elections analysis

All that is left is the killing

Dear Elon

Out on the campaign trail

The cynicism of the American political media

The election is in the hands of the American people now

The Lindsey and Herschel show

Applying JFK's four-part test to 2022 midterm candidates

"Ask Me Anything" session with Steve Schmidt: midterm elections analysis

The very frightening words of Dr. Oz

The country is asleep to the threat it is facing

What is the 2022 midterm election actually about?

Fascists versus elitists

Kevin McCarthy's betrayal of the United States of America

Herschel Walker is not a cop

UPDATED: Kanye West and Donald Trump are antisemites

The country is edging towards an abyss

Munich to Arizona

Vote like your life depends on it

Fix the media

I am an American

The Lincoln Project: reflections on fame, dishonesty and grievance

The Lincoln Project: reflections on governance, leadership and management

Welcome your thoughts: taking Trump and MAGA politicians literally and seriously

The Lincoln Project


Welcome your thoughts: journalists' tell-all books

Christian nationalism

“Ask Me Anything” event tonight

FINAL REMINDER: “Ask Me Anything” session with Steve Schmidt

The apostle Newt

Crazy train

Rick Scott’s nonsense

October 2, 2022

Credible media sources

Media corruption at the “paper of record”

October 6th "Ask Me Anything" session: what do you want to ask me?

"Ask Me Anything" session with Steve Schmidt

Newsom and Buttigieg know how to fight back

"Ask Me Anything" session with Steve Schmidt

Media corruption at the “paper of record”

The Gettysburg Address

America's women will decide

Sabotaging MAGA

Kevin McCarthy is a buffoon

Who is Trump?

Do we want democracy too?

"Ask Me Anything" session with Steve Schmidt

Fascism comes to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Fascism comes to Youngstown, Ohio

How do you intend to rise up?

Rise up


UPDATED: The "little Eichmann"

The MAGA class of 2022


"Ask Me Anything" session with Steve Schmidt

E Pluribus Unum

Utah Senate race: the patriot vs. the seditionist

They saved the Capitol and killed the enemy


The American experiment


God Save the Queen

Fascism is freedom’s antidote

Call these people by their names: fascists

Media fog

MAGA is fascism

You can’t fix stupid

Give ‘em hell, Joe

September 1, 1939


Trump’s arrest may cause violence

Fascism is the name

The Pennsylvania Confederate

Trump travesty


Gone fishing

Making things right

How we get back to Buchenwald

What happened

Media fail

Friday reflections: the lie and the truth aren't equal

Danger ahead

Harriet Hageman: the Gentlelady of Bedminster

Be not afraid


Little Uday: welcome your thoughts

Herschel Walker and Russian roulette


Friday reflections: "Letter to an American"

The rule of law

Phishing: have you ever been hooked?

A routine day

We have a warrant

The Milley letter

Little Marco's dog whistle: welcome your feedback

Call fascism by its name

JD Vance, the California "Yale-billy"

Arizona crazy

Friday reflections: avoiding political CAT-astrophe

Kansas speaks

al-Zawahiri is dead and so is LIV Golf

REMINDER: "Ask Me Anything" event with Steve Schmidt

"The husband of that woman"

Uncle Orban is coming to CPAC: Part 1

The fascists are coming to Dallas

Do we want democracy too?

Who is Trump?

The Iron Lady of California

What does appeasement look like in the 21st century? Welcome your thoughts

So Help Me God, Mike Pence

Patriot of the Month!

JD Vance is a fascist nut

Desecration in Ottawa: welcome your thoughts

Sometimes the bear gets you

Trump's revenge

The Warning: subscriber poll

Trump's plan to end democracy

Friday Reflections: From the Last Frontier

The US Secret Service doesn't get to tell Congress "no"

Saudi Arabia and the Killer Prince

Uvalde cowards: welcome your thoughts

Uvalde cowards

Lessons from Lidice: welcome your thoughts

Lessons from Lidice

Michael Franti: Spreading joy for a living

It's a mirage

Do we want democracy?

Friday reflections: Trouble ahead, trouble behind

Age of cowardice: your thoughts welcome

Age of cowardice

Arrest Trump

Abandon Ship


Biden's choice

The age of extremist political violence has dawned

Friday Reflections: From P-town to 'Bama

The melting remora

It was a simple question

Call it a national catastrophe, not a re-match

“Don’t be troubled. I guess we shall get through.”

Fair Winds and Following Seas

July 2nd

400 Years

The Lincoln Project #MediaFail - Chapter 2

The Lincoln Project #MediaFail - Chapter 1

No Books. No Money. Just the Truth.

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