About The Warning

There is a very significant, “exhausted majority” of Americans looking to move past this rotten moment in American life. They have lost trust and faith in government, business, media and not-for-profit institutions at a moment of technological, cultural and economic upheaval. Fascism did not rise in the 1930s because it was strong, but rather, because democracy was weak. The cycle is repeating itself with a new extremism rising in 2020s America. This newsletter will help readers orient to the currents that are shaping our times and the unseen forces driving politics that are rarely discussed on cable news. 

About The Warning community I hope to foster

I hope that The Warning community will be a place of respectful and civil debate that helps start necessary and reality-based conversations. There is a strain of fandom that has taken root in our politics that has turned dialogue into whatever passes for screaming between Red Sox and Yankees fans in a mixed bar in the ninth inning of a playoff game. American politics is real life. It is a business full of nuance that requires the ability to hold contradictory thoughts on multiple subjects simultaneously, and understand how people unlike you might see the world.

I respect that you may agree to disagree with my opinions — and I want you to share your perspectives within our community. Discussion and debate should be celebrated, but so should an openness to hearing different points of view than our own. This is exactly the type of forum that I hope that The Warning community is, and will continue to be.

About Steve Schmidt

Steve Schmidt is a political commentator and strategic advisor, who has counseled heads of state, CEOs, leading athletes, major corporations, academic institutions and not-for-profit organizations on a range of highly sensitive issues.