Fred Guttenberg has been through more heartache than a person ever should. My heart goes out to him.

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Ian Mark Sirota bless your sentiments blessed my day!

And so Heartfelt Touched my

Soul.. thank you love,Marsha

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Jul 24, 2023·edited Jul 24, 2023Liked by Steve Schmidt

Jaime was exquisite! What a heart-rending explanation by her father of why her picture is placed where it is: just above his right shoulder, "urging me on". I know that Jaime was remarkable, because her father certainly is.

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Karhy as a mother who ‘s son died I promise the kindness you express

is so vulnerable and genuinely

Sensitive to Fred Gutenberg he is one is Gods Angels that walk gracefully on earth doing acts of goodness…so are you Marsha 🌹

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... says she, who -- in her golden years -- spends 30 hours a week volunteering at Hospice. Clearly it is YOUR child who is with you, "urging you on". Enormous, unbearable loss can cause some to withdraw into depression or anger. Enormous, unbearable loss can cause other people to reach out to others in the same situation, with enormous compassion. You and Fred are obviously both in the latter category. xo

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Kathy I’m humbled by your kind

Compliment … bless you Marsha

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Really good. I so admire him.

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Fred Guttenberg embodies courage, moral stamina, resiliency, and inspiration, as Steve expressed toward the end of this deeply moving podcast. Steve Schmidt lives these same principles. Heroes!

The combination of the existence of evil with the easy access to weapons of mass destruction, the lack of prioritization of SAFETY in the gun 'business strategy' that has flooded AR-15s into our country in the past 20 years, and the political climate of polarization and violence, among other factors, are a recipe for death and disaster - the slaughter of children in their classrooms. Today it was their child, tomorrow it could be mine or yours. As Guttenberg passionately says, "Never be silent; never back down." May we all heed his advice and follow in his footsteps. Thank you.

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"Lisa Beardsley…You are the Beautiful truth

And Hope for the future and You are the Heroine The Warning Community is so Blessed because you epitomize what our

Country needs Honesty & Truth ..that is

Why Steve and Fred connect with your soul".

Marsha Shalloway's heartfelt tribute to you, Lisa, is the same way I feel about you. You have a truly beautiful Spirit. xo

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Lisa thanks your comments were

So thoroughly deserved HEROES!!

Felt privileged to watch and listen

And your writing the response you wrote blesses the end of my day..

Never be Silent; Never Back Down!

BRAVA …Steve’s & Fred’s talk will hopefully be watched by everyone

May You words be read and heard

By The Warning..love,Marsha

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Jul 24, 2023Liked by Steve Schmidt

Steve Schmidt just am astounded by the conversation you had. ..home from hospice tough emotional day and watched!

Fred Gutenberg and you.. captured my

Soul and there aren’t words to thank you

For Blessings of courage,character and honesty God is proud of Fred for honoring

The life and death of his daughter Jaime

Who would be twenty and the fact that

God would honor you for this sacred kind

Conversation …you honor humanity ✅

Your twenty year old daughter must be

Very grateful that you are her father..

As my 26yr old son died needing a heart

Transplant my son wasn’t murdered…

Felt privileged to share your conversation

And I’m grateful you and Fred are part of

My Life …May Jaime’s memory be a blessing …gratefully love, Marsha

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Marsha, Beautiful! It is a privilege to listen to this most important and heartfelt podcast, and to be able to share this way on this forum. My heroes and heroins look like you, Steve, Fred, and the millions of Americans who care enough to pay attention and show up to fight for Democracy in the best ways they can. You are one who holds the candle for so many. ❤️Lisa

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I did not know about your son's death, Marsha. I am so very sorry. I know that when you hear parents speak, who have lost a child, that touches you very, very deeply. Lovingly, Kathy

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Kathy.. yes you are very astute to have noticed when parents speak or have had trauma or children have had trauma it deeply touches my soul…God has blessed me with the gift of blessing me to be a Hospice

Counselor, Grief Counselor and Pastoral Care Counselor for 30 years .. my abilities are God Given

And when I’m in FL I give 40 hours at the Hospice Hospital every week

As a volunteer…GIVING Kindness

And Love is the Core of my Being….

The Warning and Steve Schmidt

Have Been a Gift af feeling safe ..I’ve shared openly and trust 🌹

You are an Anam Cara Soulmate

Lovingly, Marsha ❤️❤️❤️

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I wish we lived near one another. I would love to spend time with you.

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where do you live Kathy?

I live PBC in FL❤️and I’d love to spend tine with you too🌹

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I live in Charleston, SC. (What does PBC stand for?)

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Cindy Farley …you are kind to have responded to me and heartfelt Ty

Bless you❤️Marsha

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Jul 25, 2023Liked by Steve Schmidt

Some really important suggestions on how to stop these guns. And some really good historical perspectives by Fred.

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Lisa Beardsley…You are the Beautiful truth

And Hope for the future and You are the Heroine The Warning Community is so Blessed because you epitomize what our

Country needs Honesty & Truth ..that is

Why Steve and Fred connect with your soul it’s what is part of your soul and why I

TRUST, Treasure and Admire YOU ..the

Qualities you’ve shown are significant to

Our Democracy Surviving …you are the

Light for the Darkness and we are all

Grateful for your vulnerability…Lisa you

Write with love and gentleness and care

About children and even with all the

Cruelty you are still HOPE. Wish I could

Give you a Hug and as a grandmother and

Mother…. ask God to Bless you Forever…

The Warning is something so much more important than anything I could have dreamed and each comment is treasured

I’m grateful and so blessed 🌹Marsha

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I agree with you 1,000%, Marsha!!

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"Lisa Beardsley…You are the Beautiful truth

And Hope for the future and You are the Heroine The Warning Community is so Blessed because you epitomize what our

Country needs Honesty & Truth ..that is

Why Steve and Fred connect with your soul". Marsha Shalloway's beautiful tribute to you, Lisa, and I join her with all of my heart in how she has described your Soul.

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Kathy ..You Blessed my evening

you’re my Anam Cara Soulmate..

Gid Bless ..hugs and love ❤️ Marsha

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Please correct the spelling of her name, it’s Jaime. 🧡

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I’ve corrected it. Thank you, Lulu.


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Kathy I couldn’t save my own sons life But I could try to help others from experiencing what I did …Fred Guttenberg is a hero

He is honoring Jaime and each of us by

Trying to get the guns meant for war off

The streets and it feels like a blessing that

Fred and Steve have such respect for each other and have formed a friendship….

The Warning. Immunity gives me Hugs

And Enriches my Soul and gives me HOPE

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Kathy you are so kind and thoughtful

My belief is that the way to navigate a healthy life is the act of GIVING my best friend has fourth stage metastatic breast cancer which travelled to her bones and has five other flagged sights…I’ll be flying back to CO in September.. med’s

Aren’t working and she’s in constant pain

WHAT does she do …sits with me in her basement making blessing bags for the homeless to stay alive that is GIVING

Selfless acts of kindness that’s the answer

…the cardiac intensive care centers I built have saved four children’s lives Every Day since March of 1993…that honors life…

My Hospice Abilities are a gift from God

And to Not Honor that Gift would be

To dishonor God’s Gift. …I’m Soooo very

Blessed The Warning Community supports

Each of us to try to save our country…

Kathy your words warm my heart to the depth of my being.. thank you.❤️❤️❤️❤️

You are my soul friend. …an Anam Cara

With love and esteem …Hugs, Marsha

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Kathy.., I love Charleston,SC .. lived on Upper East side in Manhattan in 5,000sq ft

Apt for over thirty years and Bermuda in the summer ..when my 26yr old son died moved to Jupiter, FL, divorced and began my thirty yrs of Hospice work..had blind date with Judge Shalloway married and

Was cherished ..am a widow.. have a son

In CT and two grandchildren…I’m very blessed and have glorious memories….

From Age two until today at 80…I’m

Healthy, happy and grateful and I’m still

Fighting to save our democracy…I’m so

Grateful you’re in my life🌹Marsha

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LOL .. Kathy …Palm Beach County, FL

The most Dystopian State along with Texas … love Marsha

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