Good Morning Steve. To answer your questions, I agree 100%: five yes’s and one no.

Let’s not forget that Hitler never had more than 35% support before he became Chancellor of the Reichstag. Trump has at least 40% and could reach as high as 50%.

And make no mistake; he will have his Reichstag moment and manufacture a crisis to abuse his powers and call for Martial Law. And this time around there will be no Milley in the top ranks of his defense department. I preface with “his” defense department because every future senior officer will swear an oath of allegiance to him personally.

A second Trump term will turn what’s left of our republic and democratic form of government into a full blown authoritarian kakistocracy.

Democracy itself is on the menu, and the Trumpster’s are ravenous hyenas with no moral compass. It’s not so much Trump, but his closest demonic advisers like Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon that scare me the most.

We saw how Trump unleashed the DOJ and IRS on political opponents in his first term, and he was moderately successful going after Hillary, Hunter, Comey and McCabe. And we had principled people in both those places at the time.

The Heritage Foundation recently released their Project 2025 plan to change government into a theocracy based on good Christian values (Christian version of Sharia Law).

“Project 2025 published a book of policy proposals, titled “Mandate for Leadership: The Conservative Promise,” for the next Republican administration. Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts opens the book by prioritizing the securing of “our God-given individual rights to live freely” against a “woke” threat. “Today the Left is threatening the tax-exempt status of churches and charities that reject woke progressivism,” he claims without evidence. “They will soon turn to Christian schools and clubs with the same totalitarian intent.”-----MSNBC

This is the definition of Christian Nationalism taking over the country. And there are many religious billionaires and organizations working tirelessly behind the scenes to make this happen. Trump’s next administration will be filled with “true” believers, who are relentless as much as they are ruthless. They will rid the government of bureaucrats and technocrats, installing loyal incompetents who will destroy the administrative state and blame it on democrats.

Bottom line: the 1950’s called, and the Confederate States of America want their Jim Crow Laws back, except this time, it will encompass all liberals and anyone else unwilling to accept their parochial way of life!

Let that sink in!....:)

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I read you every day, Steve. And I, too, am terrified of what is happening. The disgusting mess in the House. The chaos of the Republicans behind Trump. Trump’s increasingly violent rhetoric. And not least of all, his angry untethered base. I know how to vote next year. But what can I do right NOW? The need is urgent. What can the base that is AGAINST Trump do right now? We need to know so we can do it.

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Steve, your summary is spot on. Yes, there is indeed something terrible coming. I've given up trying to talk to trumpers. Some speak of civil war with a gleam in their eyes, as though it would be glorious.

They're totally gone, and they're not coming back. This is what we get as a society for neglecting education. Prepare.

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Our fight is now, here and as the USA will not survive another Trump presidency. If Trump wins then there will be political incarceration at the minimum. I can imagine quite a bit worse. Now is not the time for closing eyes in hopes it will dissipate. It will not. We have time now to stop it I hope it is enough time to awaken the great majority who do not vote. You need to get out there and help hold on to our democracy. If we fall the world falls into authoritarianism. We have less than a year to prepare. No distractions and focus on November 2024.

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Why aren’t these threats being taken seriously? Why do I see far more articles and posts about Taylor Swift than about the very serious threats to our country? My husband and I have been very active In our local Democratic Party for several years. Dems used to win here but no more. Republicans now outnumber us and life has changed. We see the writing on the wall here and throughout the US. We are looking to move out of the country. The violence, cruelty and hatred is exhausting and frightening. Thanks for your great work,Steve.

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I won’t try to repeat what you have stated Steve, so eloquently and chillingly as I have felt this from the day of his ride down the escalator. Did I actually think he would get this far? Of course not! This is the USA! The strongest democracy! But rapidly I did see this coming. I often (half jokingly) spoke of, when did many know it was time to leave Germany? Where would I go? This is so frightening and exhausting! (Susan, do you still think he ‘learned his lesson’?🤦‍♀️.) Again, if you are in the NY Metro area, Oct 11 at Cooper Union. A full day of some of the best we all know will be presenting. Stop Trump Summit

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It is a frightening time in America!

I can't understand how so many people are oblivious to the situation at hand, or just don't believe what Trump is saying. Like Steve, I believe every threat uttered by Trump, and have been frightened by him ever since he rode down that escalator. His "American Carnage" inaugural address was another huge confirmation that he was unfit to be the leader of our country!

I don't understand why his supporters are not concerned about the mayhem Trump has inflicted on America, or what they believe he has done, or will do, for them.🤷🏼‍♀️

Of course, the wealthiest individuals and businesses are only concerned about their huge tax cuts. To my recollection, that is the only thing Trump delivered . Mexico never paid for the wall!

All of this "woke" B.S., banning books, concern of the color of M&Ms, stoking fear of gay and transgender people does nothing to produce a positive result that affects his supporters

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Oct 7, 2023·edited Oct 7, 2023

This catastrophe has me up at night. Like the French Resistance in the second world war, I am on the side of freedom and am willing to fight against these traitors who would destroy the world for petty desires and an abundance of hate. I want the President, the leader of this country, to act definitively to stop this movement for the sake of the country and the citizens who will be killed if he does not.

When the orange traitor won in 2016, I compared him to Hitler, and many told me I had no right to do so. I wonder what they think now, and, knowing the truth, are they willing to do whatever it takes to stop him?

I am, even if it costs me my life.

The President should be ready to declare martial law to defend this nation and the Constitution from the enemy within.

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Last weekend I watched “Ordinary Men” on Netflix. It was an examination of the “normal” men, police in Germany who became killers of Jews. If you have not watched it, I recommend that you do.

As I read Miley’s resignation letter I was thinking that he probably should have resigned and released the letter. But the biggest take away for me was that the words he wrote would mean nothing to Trump, members of Congress and the loyal Trump followers. They don’t care. I am most frightened by the not caring that is evident in Trump and the Republican Party. I am also done with the “there are still good Republicans”. If so, where are they? Where are their warning declarations? Are they banging on the media doors to speak? Are they holding PC’s to warn? I don’t give two shits about what they may be saying in private, whispering in private will not save this country. Kelly and others took an oath to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic. That oath has not been honored.

The current abandonment of Ukraine is an embarrassment and is destroying the good faith of the world towards America. How can we be trusted? But mostly, we are leaving the Ukrainians defenseless, sentencing them to destruction, death. But we have been here before haven’t we.

Trump must be stopped. This story of him talking about our submarines confirms how dangerous he is. He is sick, demented and a traitor to this country. It is that simple.

I am past being sad. I am past hoping for the best. I no longer believe it couldn’t happen here. I am angry. My anger encompasses leaders all the way down to those that sit at home on Election Day, who don’t bother, who don’t care.

Thank you Steve for your writings, your videos and your warnings.

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Steve, my question to you and to all The Warning’s readers is- how can we wake America up to this present and looming danger?

I fear that many Americans, especially white middle class Americans, are complacently feeling comfortable and protected from the MAGA GOP’s authoritarianism. Yet, perhaps unknowingly, they are exhibiting the thoughts and actions of Martin Niemöller.

Niemöller was a prominent German Lutheran pastor who spent the last 8 years of Nazi rule in Nazi prisons and concentration camps. He said;

•”First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out- because I was not a socialist.

•Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out- because I was not a trade unionist.

•Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out- because I was not a Jew.

•Then they came for me- and there was no one left to speak for me”.

History is a tough, yet effective teacher for us, but only if we pay attention to it, understand it, and act accordingly. The time to act is now or soon it may be too late.


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All of us in the 5 yes's and 1 no camp need to, are obliged to, patriotically bound to stand up, and do it soon.

Many have outlined action items in relation to voter registration, mobilization of fence-sitters, ennui-dwellers, first-tike voters, donating and campaigning and all that other stuff one does in anticipation of election season.

But first we must secure, solidify, stabilize our system in order to ensure that system remains intact for us to employ all of the voting-centric tactics.

I am genuinely unsure if we have the luxury of time and presumed inviolable status of our voting infrastructure. Authoritarians don't care about voting, other than as some token representation of their power. Rather, authoritarians just manipulate and take, and then it's over.

So what will we, the 5Y1N Club do in order to save this democracy, to purge the roiling, looming, immediate threat?

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Every bit of this is true. If Trump is elected this will be the last election and as a democrat and someone who is married to a Transgendered person I am terrified for my future under a Trump regime.

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Oct 7, 2023·edited Oct 7, 2023

I pretty much have lost faith in the Democrats since the blue dress and the cigar in the Oval Office. I also admit that I lack the imagination of how dangerous Trump was. I had total disdain for the man but couldn’t imagine how far it would drag America down. Now I watch Ukraine burns everyday and that brings greatest sadness and fear. I have no idea about the state of democracy in the US next year or how to win against such evil power right here. But I also must admit, Biden is the first president in my life time that gives me true hope. General Mark Milley has to say this about President Biden. https://youtu.be/jaYI1cxUE1o?si=MH8Hs2K-Vx-cj-Mm And I agree

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The Churchill line is Thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting.

It’s from Daniel 5:27

Churchill knew a great line when he saw it, it might be worth revisiting him, he stood isolated, out of power, marginalized and seen as a trouble maker/war monger.

He spoke long and often, some times talking to the wind. The ‘black dog’ of depression circled and he was constantly advised to moderate.

He didn’t.

And that is in part his weakness for empire (he came from a different time) but also his sense of what countries and the people of countries stood for. Not political expediency, not for commerce, not to appease, to assume you could ‘cope’ with and somehow ‘moderate’ a dictator.

He realized something’s are beyond politics, that was his great insight.

You stand up and speak out and listen to what the best of the country and the best of its people want.

My all time favorite Churchill line about America is this…

You can rely on America to do the right thing, once it has tried everything else.

And that’s currently the view I share.


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I keep thinking…”Something Wicked This Way Comes.

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Yes trump is a flaming dumpster fire who doesn't give a shit about anyone or anything but himself. And for the insanely stupid citizens of the USA who are too ignorant, blinded by lies or have been bamboozled by this huckster - shame on you. It is our job as citizens to be educated and knowledgeable about our government and who best to nominate and elect to office. Every office.

We all know what trump is - it has been documented daily by his rants and threats. If the 40% of the electorate can't tell right from wrong, then yes we have a gigantic problem coming up in a year.

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