TurDville is the same guy who thinks the three branches of the United States government are “the House, the Senate and executive,” rather than the legislative, the judicial, and the executive.

He’s claimed that Democrats want reparations for slavery “because they think the people that do the crime are owed that.” He’s twice been involved in businesses that turn out to be complete and utter frauds.

And now the guy who never served his nation honorably, or at all, thinks allowing poetry to be read on aircraft carriers is the epitome of “wokeness!”

Should we be surprised that Alabama; a place where men are men and sheep are scared, could have elected a know-nothing Turd to the US Senate? It is the the same state that almost elected a pedophile to the Senate one term before (Moore lost by 20,000 votes, out of 1.7 million cast).

So stop being shocked when these incompetent charlatans engage in illegal and despicable behavior. Today’s Republicans epitomize the frog/scorpion parable; it’s their nature!

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I often think of John McCain, certainly every time Lindsey Graham opens his mouth or makes the news (having been recommended for indictment, for example.) Will graham ever have a moment of self awareness when he asks “ what would John McCain do?”

The Republicans’ total disinterest in governing with honor is a disgrace.

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Unintended Consequences Lesson:

1. Voters elect Trump to select 3 SCOTUS Justices to end Roe v Wade, thus returning abortion decisions to the states.

2. Tubby Tuberville blocks Military promotions because he doesn't want American taxpayers funding interstate travel for abortion, caused by #1.

3. National Security is compromised due to #2.

How many of us know friends, neighbors, colleagues, family members and fellow church attendees who voted for Trump because of abortion who would become upset to learn their vote would lead to putting National Security at risk??


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My son was active duty military for 20 years. He retired in 2020 in the thick of COVID. No retirement ceremony, nothing; here's your flag, thank you for your service. He deployed to so many dangerous places.

Now we have this dumbass who is performing for the base that claims to love the service members. He's putting himself above the security of this country. He is aiding our enemies by this behavior. Schumer, stop sitting on your hands and figure out how to bring this to an end. ENOUGH!!!!

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If anyone wonders what it would be like here had the Confederacy won the Civil War one need only look at characters like Teletubby and Mad Marge, and Crazyeyes Gaetz to understand what the government would be like. We are living in a funhouse with have minority rule these days, things are sideways and someone needs to right the ship.

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Thank you Steve. I called my Senators and Representative. As far as I am concerned, the military can rip every base out of Alabama and not renew contracts with Alabama contractors. Words are a waste. And what’s wrong with the Democrats? Only Elizabeth Warren cares? I believe that part of this problem is the fact that so few serve. Treason on the part of Republicans, God knows what is the problem with Democrats. A group of angry New Jersey PTA mons would be more aggressive in protecting our national security and military families. We are looking to see who cares.

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His ability to run this long term hostage taking was put in place by the very gutless “governing” body that ignores it now.

I was once called a peacenik by my late father in law whom I loved but I have always supported that as a country we treat our service people and their families with respect and support. We don’t. We dispose of them. Witness this with a Congress and public that has let this happen.

Just like the teachers, trash collectors, and others who work for us and now are saying ‘no thanks’ soon our military will have signs out saying “Help Wanted”.

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As a veteran, I am outraged but not surprised that the Republican party is not holding one of their own responsible for holding the military hostage. Senator Tuberville's stunt is putting our nation's readiness at risk. Where is Mitch McConnell and other Republicans on this issue? Perhaps, Mitch is more effected by medical problems than we were led to believe. You are correct Steve, Senator McCain would have dressed down Tuberville and read him the riot act for pulling this political stunt. Enough is enough, time to relocate American bases from Alabama to states which actually are faithful to the Constitution and the USA.

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My first awareness that Tommy Tuberville is not a children's book character was when it was verified he was on Don the Don's short list of Senators to be personally contacted on Jan 06, 2021. Goal: To promote POTUS's "request" that those malleable senators actively engage in his seditious plan to overturn the election. Slow forward to September 2023. It appears that Tommy continues to be trump's tool.

Bottom line: Before we voted for our U.S. reps and senators, we were assured they'd represent us. We believed that. So, honor that promise. Make some noise! Engage your constituents! We are not dimwits. Organize, organize, organize. Inclusion in a national plan. We don't need guns. We have strong voices, facts, and the U.S. Constitution. Are we in this together? It's a fair question.

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It is a disgrace. I am careful about what I say about Democrat leadership on all platforms, there seems to be a low tolerance for criticism of the Democrats. Tuberville is a disgrace, along with the passive, shrug their shoulders, wringing their hands Democrats. I don’t get it, Steve. Are they not embarrassed? What are they afraid of? Leading? Being strong? Someone said to me a few weeks ago when I was venting about this, saying what I wanted were fighters, that is not the Democrats way. I threw up my hands.

You are right about John McCain.

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I’m sure it would get Republicans attention quickly, if plans were made to move all the military bases and the Redstone Arsenal far out of Alabama! There are at least 3 bases I can think of, and probably the impact from the loss of jobs and dollars flowing from those bases might help “coach” see the light. In Maine , the closure of 2 bases, Air Force and Navy, was a huge loss, still felt, years later.

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Has anyone gtiven consideration to the idea t hat Toooooberville is the front for a Republican plot to keep open all the military positions - the way they kept open the supreme court seat in 2016 - awaiting the return of Trump and a COP majority Senate?

Remember, the worst thing you can think of these people never doing is most likely the next thing on their list.

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Tooberville is a perfect representation of what Hannah Arendt called the “banality of evil.” Alabama has not progressed since the end of Reconstruction, and is slipping into a possibly worse condition. Their legislature and Governor are systematically gutting the Constitutional rights and liberties of people they despise; Blacks, Women, and LGBTQ+ people. His hold of these nominations has turned one of the last bi-partisan Legislative measures, national defense and security into a partisan circus that is damaging our national security.

I am a combat vet, got shot at in Iraq, and was in danger many times. His actions are infuriating, damaging our national security, and helping our enemies, including Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. His action may not fit the legal definition of treason, but they are treasonous in their effects.



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Tuberville came to the US Senate because the voters in Alabama think he is one of the bright lights of their state who will do them proud. His experience for this job was for many years a college football defensive coach, briefly a college football announcer, then started with a partner, a Wall Street financial firm now shut down due to fraud (his partner serving 10 years). Tuberville says he was a victim too loosing something over $400 thousand. I didn't know college coaches could accumulate that much. Then started a charity to help veterans which is now closed probably due to not giving much to veterans from the donations made to it. Either due to poor management or people just got paid too much. Take your pick. So you can see that Tuberville was such an excellent choice for an Alabama Senator, how could voters not vote for him, right?? Oh, I forgot to mention that his BS degree is in physical something or other. That alone should have put him in a Senator's seat.

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And the Coast Guard.

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Toonerville's witless personal blockade is emblematic of the moral depths to which the former Republican Party has sunk. Of course, this is is no news. Senatorial skulduggery is like the weather, as Sam Clements (or Charles Dudly Warner) famously said - or not - everybody talks about it, but nobody does anything about it.

The senate operates under rules of its own divising - nothing is dictated by the Constitution about the minutiae of Senate procedure; it is all self-directed and administered. The Senate can make or change its own rules if there is a majority willing to do so - witness the recent angst over suspending the filibuster for even one vote.

That beng the case - the Senate can do with itself what the Senate wants - I am stupified by the majority's seeming inability to change the rules, particularly given the fact that almost all sentators of both parties are crazed over Toonervilles's intransgience. The Democrats in general and their feckless leader, Chuck Schumer, do nothing but talk about it when they have the power of the majority to do something about it. Can it be that buried within the arcana of Senate rules there is no provision for putting the security of the nation over the insane objections of a single malign fool?

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