Florida maybe where woke goes to die but Disney World is where Ron DeSantis' campaign goes for burial.

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I really hope that you're right. His cruelty and outright meanness (which is echoed by his flunky, Christina Pushaw) is noxious and toxic.

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Perfect, hope this line gets picked up and used, Patrick. It's the perect response!

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Once again, you have articulated beautifully what we face, and I’m trying to find hope and optimism in the scary truths. Thank you for what you do.

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As am I. Thank you Steve for writing well.

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What a great analysis,Steve. In my opinion, though, you missed the danger that MTG put Mr. Bowman in by using the white woman in fear of the "questionable" hostile black man. This is not just a word game for Black men and boys.

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Excellent point. Thank you.

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May 19, 2023Liked by Steve Schmidt

DeSantis' policies and attacks on common sense precautions resulted in Florida's being No. 1 in the nation for senior covid deaths, but it's his white go-go boot knock-off's that disqualify him for President among Republican primary voters. Talk about irony.

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May 19, 2023Liked by Steve Schmidt

And the pudding.

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Marge is just one long sticky string of lunacy

Ron will set Florida ablaze all for a few nods and winks from the fascist set, but he lacks insight, control, aplomb or even a hint of personality, and I imagine he's afoul of law on several counts, so can we flush that waste already...

I'm surprised Marge didn't send us articles about peaches.

Can we please, for all that is holy, restore our legislature to something resembling reasonable reality?!

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Reporting on the circus that is our current congress must be exhausting. Thank you for your stellar analysis as always. Have a nice weekend!

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The shame of having to see and hear about the most ridiculous people elected to govern our democracy is sickening. Thanks for keeping it real.

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Excellent podcast. I wish you wouldn’t sugarcoat your opinion of MTG (with which I agree). I do wonder if DeSantis is going to run to win or for name recognition when he runs again in 2028.

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4words-way to go Steve!

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Greene is one of the folks recruited by the network of antidemocratic authoritarian enemies of democracy, peace and freedom as we know it. This is one or more interconnected networks that include Putin, Flynn, Bannon, Prince, Thiel, Musk, Stone, Mercer, Koch, and others. One, or likely many, of these folks are behind Greene, Gaetz, Santos, Gossar, Bobert, Hawley, etc. Anyone in Congress Trump promised pardons to add to that group. In part, what we are seeing is an inside job from the halls of Congress.

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The republicans are hell-bent to destroy our government and way of life from within. They do this because they are losing in the long run. They know the new work force has a liberal bent and they will vote for democatic politicans far and wide. Republicans see it coming and will do everything in their power to disrupt our way of life. They have extreme candidates any of which will declare our government null and void. DeSantis is a model for what republicans want to lead us. Trump is too stupid and out for himself. Republicans know they can control him for so long then he will turn against them.

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It’s Sunday, May 21st, 2023, and WARMING threatens. Don’t Look Up is real, put the great astrophysicist and author running The Planetarium at The Natural History Museum in tears of fear.

The sick, prejudiced party of Abraham Lincoln has gone fascist.

Yale University professor and historian Timothy Snyder published On Tyranny for children, calls himself Tim, and speaks the languages of Eastern Europe, we watch a war in Ukraine and dozens of countries leaning fascist, including ours.

Our churches are empty, the daily newspaper is failing, FOX and Tucker, both liars, have parted, a twice impeached president will be sentenced for crimes against the state and mankind, and may run for president from jail, enriching himself as he runs - and loses.

Restoring the dream of our founders that ignored our original sin is offered here as we must reorient ourselves from dawn to dusk, as we live on denial.

Daily mass killings are ignored.

Our threatened campus leaders are silent in the face of a fascist attack on our democracy. Education is no longer educating.

Our food from the store is mostly tasteless, but we buy it anyway.

Antibiotics are flowing everywhere. By mouth, destroying our immune systems.

Wealthy American historians are blind to our original sin and deaf to the needs of those crushed for centuries, many starving.

If we do not ask the right question, there’s no way we’re going to find the answer.

We’re in trouble. Hope for too many is just denial.

Vote to beat gerrymandering.

Vote to protect voting.

Vote to identify and face the consequences of our creativity.

Vote to survive.

Steve, time for a third cup and a cold bath.

Let’s get real with ourselves.

Start there.

The existentialists were prescient. Brilliant.

George Orwell read our past and called our future.

Brave New World is here. The office life is not working. Never did.

Ukraine is the message and Trump is the devil’s advocate.

The nuclear clock is approaching midnight.

Our debts must be honored.

The Lonely Crowd is addicted to the social toys of destruction and despair in every pocket that separate us and drive despair and loneliness.

Orlando, New Town, Uvalde, Buffalo, Aurora, Columbine, New Zealand, Oslo, the watch tower in Texas, - Texas, - Texas and book banning in Florida and we are lost.

Steve, it’s going to get lots hotter. It’s a crisis.

Hope must start with voting, not Viktor Orban and Putin and CPAC.

WW III threatens as F16s fly to free Ukraine. Let them fly.

MAD is again a threat. The UN is trying, the Security Council is paralyzed.

China must awaken. North Korea must be controlled.

Will Japan rearm?

Women are faced with disaster - and most men don’t seem to care.

Just say no never worked.

Good morning, Vietnam. He killed himself.

Choice matters. It’s not the choice we want for our five granddaughters. But better choice than state control.

Steve, your dream is my dream. Truly.

But we must get real.

Let’s roll. Truth to start.

The truth will set us free.

Hope can follow.

We know what to do.

Let your conscience be your guide.

The Great Books were written.

They carried the message.

Act. Action in accord with principle: happiness. Aristotle’s Ethics for his son.

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Ronda Santis is a mean little man who wants to reign not govern. I look at Floridians and think:

is this what sun does to your brain? You voted this appalling man into the State’s highest office?

WTH? And the you have Trump….this nation has some seriously f upped people

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With his profound ignorance, Ron dug his own grave (Disney) in spite of enviable Harvard credentials.

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My husband and I could listen to Steve all night! Love him!

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Thank you!

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I had to listen the MTG's little speech about impeaching Biden a couple of times to understand that word she was tripping all over, and I still don't understand the word she's trying to pronounce. lol

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