“The first thing to understand about the Boy Scouts of America is the scale of the abuse. It is epic. In fact, it beggars imagination. It dwarfs the Catholic Church sex scandal by victim count, and establishes the Boy Scouts of America as the largest pedophile organization in human history. I literally can’t believe I just wrote those words. Yet, they are true”—-Steve Schmidt

Wow! Yes, it dwarfs the Catholic Church abuse in the US which is estimated to have affected over 15k boys and girls, but in France alone, it’s estimated that over 330,000 boys and girls were molested or raped since 1950. Globally, the boy scouts have nothing on the Catholic Church.

And as anyone knows who reads my comments, I take a harsh stance on the Catholic Church, only because of their hypocrisy and the level of Catholic’s power in politics; politicians and appointed officials who want to inject Catholic ideals into government and our lives. From SCOTUS to the Whitehouse, to Congress, religion is infiltrating our government and it needs to end now. There positions on premarital sex, contraceptives and abortion have no place in government: End of story!

As for Mitt? Yes, he is an quasi-honorable man. However, he’s always been out of touch with the citizens of this country and has always represented the plutocrats. Remember, his 47% remark in 2011 of welfare recipients? Or the Coney-Barrett fiasco? Or how he wanted the Secretary Of State position so bad, he groveled to a man, who just weeks prior, called a fraud and a monster? So much for honor and integrity!

And like all republicans, with the exception to Cheney, Kinzinger and a few others, he waited until retirement to speak out. Yes, he was sometimes critical of Trump and voted to remove him from office, but he didn’t warn us of Trumpism in Congress or the shenanigans of his fellow colleagues.

He reminds me of Woodward and Bolton. They both knew how dangerous Trump was to this country, but instead of telling us about his experiences in real-time, we were forced to wait until years later, when the books were released. Oh wait, a book about Romney is about to be released. Coincidence? I think not!

So how is Mitt different? He knew about all the hypocrisy and disfunction happening in real-time, yet until now, he wasn’t willing to share? Don’t you think that’s information we could have used several years ago?

And frankly, is anyone really surprised at this point. Do you know anyone going, “oh my, I can’t believe this is happened?”

So sorry, Mitt is a fair weather, honorable man, who has done some good for the nation, but when democracy was on the line, where was Mitt? It’s a rhetorical question, no need to answer!

Just some thoughts...:)

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Oh Steve I am sorry you endured that as a 12 year old boy moving into manhood. Recent revelations about the BSA and their denial of wrongdoing need to be addressed

Think it is interesting your juxtaposition of BSA, Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell’s choice to ignore the J6 messages.

Ostrich behavior does nothing to resolve problems

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Steve, I am sorry for what you experienced. At the very least, you must have felt awfully confused.

My sons are Eagle Scouts, as is my brother. Scouting helped my boys a lot and taught them things they couldn't learn anywhere else. I proudly served as a Scout leader for nearly 20 years.

I feel angry that wicked people used a good organization to gain access to children. I have come to understand that wherever there are groups of children there will be predators. Isn't that despicable?

Clean house BSA!

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Thank you for sharing your story, Steve. What can be said about organizations where children are violated by the people who are entrusted to protect & teach them? Don’t expect the sexually frustrated and stunted GOP to do anything but distract from true sexual assault & pedophilia while their reaction formation keeps them glued to “Democrat pedophiles” and young women’s genitals in sports. There are a couple of Twitter accounts that list those who have been arrested, indicted & convicted of sex trafficking, child pornography & pedophilia. So many are youth pastors, school employees or GOP operatives/members of GOP admins or campaigns. It is truly reprehensible.

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I am really glad you went on Joy's show. Preach it out, spread the word. Your voice is heard.

Your honesty about BSA and your experience is very appreciated.

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No child should ever be witness or victim to such vile behaviors by adults they trust. BSA must be held accountable and justice must be found for the 82K (and more) victims.

I found myself wide awake at 3am with heavy and anxiety-filled thoughts after reading the book excerpt. Yesterday was filled with many folks sharing their reactions to Romney's revelations. No one was surprised, yet all were awed. Our country is in a dire situation.

Reminder to breathe- inhale, exhale, repeat.

Resolve to stay focused on fighting for democracy.

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I prosecuted sex offenders for many years. The tragic truth is that only 35 percent of sexual assault cases are reported to law enforcement, far fewer than that are referred to a prosecutor for a charging decision, even fewer result in criminal charges, and even fewer result in a conviction. And even when there is a conviction, many offenders don't end up in prison. By some estimates by advocacy groups, only 1 percent of perpetrators will ever spend any time in custody.

Steve, I am so sorry this predator took advantage of his position of trust and assaulted you. I applaud your courage in speaking out in a public forum. As more survivors speak out, the stigma of shame that perpetrators rely upon to keep their crimes a secret begins to lose its power. Thank you.

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There needs to be a special place in hell for people who abuse children and a place beneath that place for those who sexually abuse a child.

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So very sorry this happened you, Steve, and the many others.

My husband interested our son in karate lessons when he wanted to join Cub Scouts. My husband called scouting a neo-Nazi organization. I wonder . . .

I just asked him and he said he did not have any personal experience with a predator in Cub Scouts (he did not move up) but had heard stories about the leaders in his hometown.

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Powerful. Powerful

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Good to see you back on MSNBC, Steve. As far as I know you haven't been on in quite a while and I'm guessing your lengthy absence wasn't by your choice. Of course I could be wrong about that, but I have an inherent distrust of the mainstream political media. Was there some behind the scenes machinations from the offices of MSNBC or NBC? Were you exiled? I think the more the public knows about what goes on in our newsrooms and networks the better off we are.

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Steve, since I am aware that you have gotten help to process the heinous act perpetrated upon you, I would like to use your platform to help inform others that help is available for those who suffer from childhood sexual trauma. If any of your readers are or know someone who has trauma in their history, please encourage them to seek a professional counselor who is trained in EMDR. I have helped many survivors using this intervention and although it isn’t comfortable, it works quickly and well. God bless.

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I am so sorry for the way in which your childhood innocence was violated at 12. Thank you for your courage in telling your story.

One of the most powerful Oprah shows I ever watched (obviously, many years ago) was one where every member of the in-studio audience was a man who had been sexually violated in his childhood or youth. I believe that every person who tells his or her story makes it easier for others to tell theirs.

And thank you for talking about Mitt Romney. Every Republican (or former Republican) who speaks the truth encourages the rest to do the same.

Like you, I am quite certain that Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz--with their Ivy League undergrad degrees, Ivy law school educations, and SCOTUS clerkships--cannot possibly believe that Trump won the 2020 election. John Kennedy of Louisiana is another Senator whose academic background and history of prior government service makes it impossible to believe that he buys Trump’s stolen election nonsense. They must be exposed as the liars and political hacks they are. Please keep calling them out!

Thank you!

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Thank you for sharing your story. Mine involved a Catholic priest (think of the unwanted kiss of the Spanish soccer coach and the female soccer player but with a 12 year old girl). Religious organizations and the Boy Scouts created the perfect pedophile environments run by men and other men more than willing to lie and cover it all up. Two things to keep in mind.

1. There is no corresponding history of pedophilia in the Girl Scouts or among females in religious organizations. Pedophilia and sexual abuse are almost exclusively done by men and this needs to be discussed. Most men do not commit these offenses, but a lot of men do and other men lie and cover it up.

2. The lies and coverups are the same thing in the Romney story. While MTG, Boebert, Mace, Stefanic, etc. are horrid, there are no stories of them acting or talking differently in private.

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Steve, boy scouts, churches, epstein, fox island, family homes, America has set the system for abuse. You endured a taste of what we lived, till we could get the heck from beneath them. 9 girls and a father that shared his girls, and it was by starvation and beatings kept it a big secret, in our home. I recently found out I was used for Pornographic pics, as a youth. I recently was told my big mouth kept me from sexual assault by my father and his criminal pals. Sexual abuse is running rampant in these United States. Born in 1961, I enjoyed staying in the streets of our community. The elderly were kind.

I never got yelled at for using hoses on the sides of homes for water, throughout my long days of outdoor wonder. Matinee in Wyandotte was 25c I loved the movies. Movies Music Reading kept me together as a youth. Don't look for pity Just saying that incest, sexual abuse its definitely a thing. You got alot of good men out in this world, I got one of them. But the predators they are many as well. System is set up by men, back in the early years.

I am not surprised. Steve it is horrifying what many go through, most keep it secret and those predators they count on it. My sisters never talked. Now at this age, I learn much from a couple of them. You often wonder why? Poor yes, but not just that everyone was afraid of our father, not just us girls.

Education is the key Get your children educated and they will care for you. Forgiveness has been hard. With both buried. I have forgiven them. I have faith in God and I don't know the history of my father. What monster did he hide from?

I also think of my body as a vessel, my soul is who found the man above.

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For the life of me, I can’t fathom, with what is now publicly known, how any parent would ever allow their children to be a part of either the Boy Scouts, or the Catholic or Southern Baptist Churches. These organizations need to be investigated and held to account. Even if McGowan is correct and the whole of society is similarly infected, it’s a disease that must be eradicated or no child will ever be safe and we may as well start that process by investigating and taking actions against the guilty parties within the Boy Scouts and the Churchs. To do otherwise, is to condone as a society, what was done to you and to so many other children. It must be stopped.

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