Man of honor? He voted and acquiesced to all Trump’s policies, and kept his mouth shut until he’s ready to retire and wants to sell a “tell-all” book? His private diary and now admitting repulsion indicates an awareness of the ruination of our democracy and a move towards demagoguery and he remained silent? To go along to get along? To remain in power? A weak pusillanimous coward! No man of honor!

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I read the excerpt in The Atlantic last night and was captivated by the narrative by Coppin. You are 100% correct that there was nothing much surprising revealed, yet it was like watching the Titanic movie, knowing how it ends. The pit in my stomach isn't good.

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Just what we need another super privileged, super white, self designated “maker” to tell us all what we already know. I’ve had that map, purchased at REI, on my refrigerator for decades. All of a sudden this wealthy, retire-able, white man gets to quit and sail off into his rich life resting on his self proclaimed laurels while the rest of us are left with this mess that he never addressed when he had the chance. I will never forget when he was ‘caught’ sneering at those of us he viewed as takers I knew then that he looked down on those of us who were beneath his privileged class. With these being our ‘respected’ leaders we are so doomed.

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"Mitt Romney is a man of stature, integrity and judgement." But he is not a leader. A leader would have railed, shouted, found any available camera and told the truth. What did he have to lose at his age? Instead, he checked the "honorable" boxes, said the minimum, and didn't make a dent or an impression. It takes more than that to defeat fascists.

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I’m not, and haven’t been a “Mittens” fan. But I must admit, what he says makes so much sense. He seems forthright.

Plus, I can’t dismiss his reaction to tRump’s criminal behavior, re both impeachments, while other sycophantic republicans sat on their hands. And his “generational”rational for not rerunning for the Senate is correct-- and sensible, not only to me, but for my kids and grandkids.

I’m thinking, “hmmm.” 🤔 Thanks, Steve!

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I would take one Jamie Raskin over 50 Mitt Romney’s.

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“There is a small club in which reality is discussed — and the American people aren’t in it. Instead they get the BS sandwich, and they see right through it. They don’t think what they are watching is performative nonsense. They know it is because it is. It is a terrible, cancerous, banal, reality show with tedious characters, deranged values and deep enmity towards America.”---Steve Schmidt

So true, which is why I never watch TV or cable news. The Bulwark serves as a bulwark against all the nonsense, distractions, political posturing and BULLSHIT! No pun intended...:)

I read and subscribe to at least six or seven political pundits and journalists daily. And I haven’t looked back since. I lost faith in the MSM during the run-up to the Iraq war. I knew Saddam didn’t have weapons of mass destruction. The truth was always staring us in the face.

The NYT’s and WP even had stories about how the intelligence was manufactured, yet these stories were buried in the back pages, while the propaganda was readily visible on the front page. Judith Regan comes to mind; chief propagandist for the Cheney/Rumsfeld administration.

Why would such reputable periodicals denigrate themselves in the prelude to the war, you ask?

I can posit four reasons: Access, patriotism, threats and profits.

Access: they were afraid of losing access and threatened by the Bush administration; they wouldn’t be embedded with the troops. Meaning they wouldn’t get the breaking news stories that drive profits and Pulitzer Prizes.

Patriotism: once the administration decided they were going to war regardless of the facts, the choice was to tell the truth, or face hard choices in the wake of 9/11. Tell a public that was set on revenge that the war was a lie.

Threats: it’s no secret that Cheney’s office had threatened many news outlets that printed negative stories about the prelude to the war; essentially telling the truth. A perfect example was KnightRidder.

Profits: it has always been the driving factor for all media outlets and without access, there aren’t profits.

The MSM did a disservice to its readership in 2000 and the blowback has been readily apparent. Authoritarian kleptocrats like Trump have been able to reinforce a belief most Americans already had of the MSM: they lie or distort material facts or just omit them completely.

As for Romney? I’m not a republican as anyone who reads my comments can quickly discover. However, I do have equal distain for both political parties, but I am very perturbed by the religious right in this country; their influence, power and their ultimate takeover of the Republican Party.

Romney may be a level headed guy, and a voice of reason for the party (he’s not insane), but his religion and the fact he wants to force feed his religious beliefs on the rest of us, is troubling to me. For example, I read over a decade ago about a mother of three who attended his church while he was governor of Massachusetts; she had been six months pregnant. She had complications with the pregnancy and her doctor told her if she has the baby, she will most certainly die (90% chance).

Romney found out and and confronted the women at Church with her parents at her side. He then lambasted her for having the audacity to consider an abortion at that time. Romney supposedly said, “why should you have it easier than any other women, what your doing is heresy.

Well, my only thoughts quickly shifted to the audacity of Romney injecting himself into another person health decisions; especially when it’s life and death. This women was a mother of three. If she died giving birth, what about the fact that her three living kids that would be without a mother for life? Yet, for a man who will never have to make a decision like that for himself, it truly angered me.

That said, I’m glad Romney has finally found Jesus. He’s been awfully quiet about TurDville destroying military readiness. He’s been quiet about the shenanigans in Washington taking place within his party. And he’s been quiet about the hypocrisy and sycophancy of his colleagues.

And only now when he is retiring, we finally hear his true viewpoints. Sorry Mitt, you’re a day late and a dollar short.

So, again, I have no love lost for this man ,as he stood by and did nothing for all these years as his party and this nation has been ripped apart at the seams.

Good riddance!

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It is admirable Mitt Romney found the courage of his convictions to stand against Trump--at much personal and professional cost I'm sure. But it is worth remembering that in 2012 the Salt Lake City Tribune endorsed Obama over Romney due in part to his "servile courtship of the tea party." The wholly misleading GM/Chrysler commercial his campaign ran in the waning days of the 2012 campaign is indicative of this aspect of Romney's personality that hopefully now he has banished for good.

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The "tyrants of some kind..." in this case is half the Senate. Is Joe Manchin really Brutus? The Rs don't even bother with a platform anymore, so even the pro business low taxes was a charade. I'm betting the 20% in the Senate doing work are all democrats (plus Bernie). Romney should switch parties for the remainder of his stay. It might keep him from going to hell as much as his confessional.

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What can be done to get reality before the cameras? Even better, turn off the cameras so that we can be spared the performative bullshit. Thanks, as always, Steve.

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I just want to awaken one morning without my stomach turning .

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Good morning. I have a bag of mixed feelings about Romney, but appreciate what I have been reading. I don’t know how all this ends. I can hope, we can all hope and yes vote, but not sure that is enough. Sounds a bit crazy but living in a red state, which is highly rigged towards Republicans, my vote feels weak sometimes.

I read and watched a bit of a video of DeSantis talking about shooting those crossing the border. People applauded. It was horrific. It all seems horrific right now.

My fear that we are loosing, lost, is rising up, Steve.

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The unfortunate truth is that the character we appreciate in Mitt Romney which is missing in our political class is also missing to some extent in our populace. We are a government of the people, and the government reflects the people. It may be a minority. But a minority, and an additional apathetic portion creates a plurality that opens the door to authoritarianism.

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So Romney sometimes came out with the truth but mainly hid in the shadow of Trump. It’s so tempting to forgive and forget with his recent outpourings. Meh, luckily there are irrefutable facts that illustrate his collusion in this country’s nightmare

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Mitt managed to both sides every Republican debauchery for over a decade. That shameless ass kissing in Trump Tower late 2016 when he begged for a cabinet position is testament to that. His final straw was when he came within 100 ft of being eaten alive by an angry mob that he passively enabled over that past decade. Bye!

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For what it's worth (in my opinion), Romney is an elitist snob. He is not his father, for sure.

When Romney was asked if one of his FIVE sons might serve in our Military, Romney responded: "No. They are too busy serving me." Hubris on steroids. A private elevator for his cars. And then there was the clip when trying to identify with us lower folk: "I like grits. Cheesey grits." I know what's "cheesey" and it ain't the grits. Romney is not even close to knowing the reality we the 99% live and must live.

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