“Please also understand this: the only person in our nation of 330 million people who would ever be prosecuted and incarcerated for what Hunter Biden did is Hunter Biden.”--Steve Schmidt

Agreed! What Hunter did is despicable, but he’s far from the only scion of a president to cash in on a name.

Dubya got a plum job on the Board of Directors on the Carlyle Group when his father was president ; one of the largest and most politically influential hedge funds in the world. He was fired because he didn’t do the work. Next, his name gets him the GM position for the Texas Rangers that would make him a multimillionaire and eventually get him the governorship of Tx, and then the presidency. Dubya had been a failure prior to his father getting him these jobs. A bankrupt oil business bailed out by a Saudi Prince when his father was CIA Director to the tune of $5 million, and a string of failed congressional campaigns.

Which brings us to Kushner. The media is now focusing on Kushner’s sweetheart deal of $2 billion from MbS for his Private Equity startup, which even MbS’s own economic and financial advisors lobbied against.

If that’s not bad enough, Kushner and his family profited greatly while Jared was Senior Advisor to Trump and in charge of Middle Eastern policy for the administration. Usually, The Middle East is the purview of the State Dept., under Tillerson at the time, but it was diverted to Kushner.

We hear the media talk about the $2 billion Saudi deal, but the greatest scandal of all was 666 Fifth Ave., a building the Kushner Family purchased for $1.8 billion in 2007, a record price for any real estate ever.

So what’s the scandal? After the 2007 housing bubble, the Kushner’s had trouble servicing the debt as their largest tenant, Citibank, didn’t t renew their lease. Kushner, then sold a 50%!stake to the Carlyle Group (sound familiar), but they still had issues servicing the debt. In 2016, during Trump’s presidential campaign, Kushner’s dad, negotiated with Qatar to buy the family out; it failed.

And just weeks after his father reportedly failed to reach a deal with Qatar’s minister of finance, Jared Kushner, in his capacity as a senior adviser to President Trump, reportedly played a central role in supporting a blockade of Qatar by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Kushner never disclosed his meeting with Saudi Arabia and the UAE on the blockade to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at the time. Later, a hedge fund that operates part of Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, brokered an especially valuable deal to rescue the Kushner Companies’ property at 666 Fifth Avenue.

So you tell me, is there any smoke or fire here? Kushner should have reclused himself from any Middle Eastern policies concerning Qatar, but he didn’t. Unethical at best, most likely illegal always. That said, he should never have been handed the Middle East portfolio to begin with; what credentials does this man possess? Exactly!

Yet, no one in the media is even talking about this. Instead, we have to hear ad nauseam about Hunter’s laptop. If Hunter is guilty of crimes, lock him up, but to ignore the grifts of The Trump crime syndicate is ridiculous. And there’s more. Kushner’s sister hatched a scheme to sell green card to Chinese citizens who purchased a Kushner condo for at least $500k.

Just some thoughts...:)

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Yesterday, I helped a young woman fill out her voter registration card and stamped it for her. I had an opportunity to discuss with her all that we stand to lose as a free society if we do not stay fully engaged. It was the last registration card I helped women with from a stack of 40. Later today, I will again return to the Board of Elections for another stack and continue my quest to engage young women in actively supporting our Democracy and fighting against those who would destroy it for personal gain.

It's the best way I know to RISE in defense of this country I love. I'm with all Americans who cherish what this great country is, and can be. I will never back down.

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Thank you, Steve. It is a very dark moment in our history. Thank you for your voice....it gives us hope.

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Kevin did not call for a vote to begin, knowing he would lose. I also understand there is still a standing rule put in place by Trump 2020 that without a formal vote to proceed, the Executive Branch can ignore all impeachment related requests from Congress. No vote, no data, stalemate

Yes all MAGA theater yes all evil.

How much longer does Kevin have to remain Speaker ? How much longer before the R coalition disintegrates? Not much longer. After all the ETTD standard stands, and if this was orchestrated by Trump it will fail.

Will they fail in their attempt I think it will. Will it hurt Pres Biden no. Will it ricochet on MAGA yes

The only thing we need is a 2024 budget. Senate passed last PM. That’s the real immediate need

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Confederacy of Dunces!

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Thank you once again Steve, for your wisdom and clarity in writing, I am feeling more helpless now in light of this Biden Impeachment. The news media is just amplifying and not explaining there is no reason at all for this inquiry. It reminds me of the Benghazi hearings .

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First Joe McCarthy now Kevin! Kevin, “have you no decency sir” So, if you do not impeach President Biden, you might lose your speakership? Boo hooo. The country is at risk but you will not leave you foxhole to engage the enemy. You are a deserter!!! You took an oath to defend the constitution and now you are blatantly ignoring it. You deserve what all deserter cowards deserve. Not high office but cuffs and disgrace !

You know impeachment is wrong, but golly gee, I won’t be speaker... well you aren’t now and you and cabal of traitors trying to pass themselves off as patriots will never be. History will portray you and your group of mindless conspirators for what you and they are..... unless Ron DeSantis bans the book.

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Steve what is the best course of action to stop McCarthy’s ridiculous impeachment?

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You are giving Kevin the Klown waaaaaaay to much credit. He's a puppet on the strings of the Party of Carnival Barkers. Whomever can make the most outlandish / extremist / absurd / ignorant claims gets to the the next Speaker of the House.

Until January 2024 when the Dem's take over the House and Hakeem Jefferies becomes Speaker unfortunately we will have to be exposed to these assholes and their Sideshow Bob antics

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The inmates are now running the asylum. We are past any veneer of optics framing the MAGA junta as promoting and defending American credos, values, or historical platforms. They desecrate our flag by claiming ownership and vulgarizing the stars and stripes with slogans and pictural displays.

Breeding chaos and histrionic showboating, the (un)freedom caucus wing of MAGA delights in destroying any semblance of governing. Instead, holding the Congress and the Country hostage, they swagger their demands through their internal coup and insurrection.

Feeling omnipotent and unassailable, the MAGA junta steamrolls over all political conventions and strategies that win the hearts and minds of voters. Instead, bullying and force are their concepts for controlling our future.

The will of the People remains silent until the next election. These MAGA clowns might be legends in their own minds, the American People will become more alienated and angrier as their abuse, neglect and destruction of our government persists and exacerbates.

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Good, cogent, perspectives Steve. Every day brings more disturbing news and views. The asylum metaphor fits these lunatics. They oughta replace the chaplain with a shrink?

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Is a special vote nation wide possible to impeach the collective swarmy bunch?

My list: Roy, Gaetz, Green, Boebart, Jordan, Kennedy, Johnson, Grassley, Comer, Abbott, The Freedom Caucus, ...who should WE THE PEOPLE ADD? Go Ahead. Feel Free!

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Speechless in the face of such low life idiocy that you have described so perfectly Steve. But not voteless. And still standing, albeit brokenheartedly and angrily at what MAGAites have brought and continue to bring to the politics of what should be the country with the greatest hope of freedom and justice in the world.

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Write on, brother. No one says it better.

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Kevin McCarthy is a spineless cretin. I believe any one of these maggots would kill to stay in power. This whole impeachment nonsense will probably backfire. They're using impeachment as revenge. Bunch of useless idiots who need to be brought down.

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To Steve’s remarks - I agree, whole heartedly, and have felt this way for quite some time. It has been so utterly obvious to me that I sometimes get frustrated with those around me who don’t see the seriousness of what is happening. So many of my friends think this is just another election and still say, “I don’t follow politics... I’m just not into it” (whatever that means)

Anyway, I’m ready for whatever it is I have to contribute or do, although I don’t know what that will be. After all, I’m a 52 year old married almost retired nurse with 3 college age kids and my first grand baby on the way... but that’s all good, cause I’m pissed and full of energy! Seriously now - Our country, our beautiful America, has given me a life that I am grateful for as imperfect as it has been. In solidarity, and especially to all of those who lost their young lives on our behalf, I will stand where I must with pride, gratitude, respect, & honor.

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