This is ridiculous. Steve will never be anything but a conservative and refuses to see that the Dems haven’t become a far left party. The bills they have passed and want to pass aren’t radical and extremist. He didn’t say this explicitly but it’s what he implied. Imagine allowing Medicare to negotiate with drug companies to control costs. Imagine better health care like Medicare and Veterans.’ Dealing with the health care system recently, it’s even more broken than I realized. Something must be done! And what about efforts to combat climate change? Tell me how many of those “moderate” GOP members voted or will vote for any of these things? And I didn’t even start on the “cultural” issues like gay marriage or women’s right to choose.

Steve also completely ignores gerrymandering and what has caused half of the nation to see the Dems as evil: RW propaganda media. He also neglects to add that a growing number on the right want a strongman to control everything; they actually want an authoritarian system as long as it squashes those they do not like.

Polls have consistently show that Americans want the things Dems are working for and which Joe Biden has delivered so far. Just how would this “moderate” leader work with the president and the majority of the House? About the best we could hope for would be raising the debt ceiling, keeping the extremists off committees, and curbing the sham “investigations.” However, McConnell is already under attack for allowing some of his memebers in the Senate to vote with the Dems on bills. You really think this won’t happen to this “moderate GOP Speaker”?

Steve is his own fantasy world--the one he accuses Dems of living in.

What a bunch of hooey.

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Nov 15, 2022·edited Nov 15, 2022

I totally agree with what you so clearly articulated is happening and what we should do. I do not, however agree that all Democrats see this election as simply a Democrat partisan victory. For example, President Biden tweeted after the election::


Joe Biden


In this year’s midterm elections, we saw the strength and resilience of American democracy in action.

There was a strong rejection of political violence, voter intimidation, and election deniers at every level.

The American people proved—once again—democracy is who we are.

11/14/22, 5:45 PM




He rightfully called it a victory for democracy which you also do. So I’m puzzled why you are so reluctant to give credit where it is due instead of seemingly painting a broad negative brushstroke on Democrats. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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Nov 15, 2022·edited Nov 15, 2022Liked by Steve Schmidt

One of the best things about this message - and there are many - is that you offer a solution. that entails collaboration. I was watching Governor Baker from MA last night and he was talking about just that. Collaboration. Between that and this whole lobbying issue, which I will comment on as well, this is clearly a choice point, an inflection point a golden opportunity to set a new course that will matter to us and most importantly, to our kids. My son who is 31, is deeply concerned about the planet and deeply disillusioned by the lack of civil discourse. We need people like him to come back to the table.

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I will continue my drumbeat until you get on board.

Tim Ryan for President in 2024

Steve Schmidt as Campaign Manager

Liz Cheney for VP on a “Unity Ticket”.

After we help Rev. Warnock win re-election on December 6, let’s get started, Steve.

Robert Lehrer


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Excellent analysis and advice, Steve. Let’s hope it happens (see- this is why I am a fan).

Let’s see what Democratic House Leadership does here. I have my doubts as to whether even Diogenes could find an honest person of good faith in the Republican caucus to lead this House. Is there anyone left? Who had the decency to stand up against Trump? Maybe Valadao in California? I think he’s the only Republican left who voted for impeachment. It may need to be someone from outside the House of Representatives, although I would prefer not to be distracted by the legal challenges that would ensue from that.

So it’s really up to Nancy Pelosi, isn’t it? If she loses the majority, and stays in her seat, that would be an incredible sign from a great American that she is willing to work with Republicans of good will. And she is likely one of the few Democrats, who could not only find them, but convince her own party to go along with this great idea.

Politically the Democrats have more to gain by letting the crazies demonstrate their insanity, leading the House through an orgy of investigation, impeachment and mental illness for the next two years. It would virtually guarantee reelection for any Democrat in ‘24, and probably sweep most of the extremists out then. Many will argue for the pain as implosion of the star into black hole would not stop if the Democrats took the attitude of “let them try to run the country“. Of course, it would be a much more patriotic act on the part of Democrats to find a sane majority and lead a rational Congress through the next two years. Despite the progressive wing, this is the basic impulse of Democrats and the Democratic Party: lead and get shit done. By nature we are not obstructionist.

Sure, there will be Democrats will question why they should not elect a Democrat to lead this House by peeling off a few Republicans. You and I both know that’s not going to happen even though we hope there are Republicans of good will still in the House. None of them have the strength of character.

The only reason to do as you suggest is absolute Patriotism and placing complete love of this country above politics.

Pelosi has it in her. She has always been a patriot first. But make no mistake that if she does this it will cleave the Democratic Party somewhere between the Upper East Side of Manhattan and the Bronx. Pelosi would be the only San Francisco House member left in this coalition.

In my opinion it’s worth the risks.

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Steve, that audio is by far the best advice I've heard about how to fix Washington. I think the house is now so narrowly divided that this is the chance to do what you are suggesting. I'm hopeful that the dems see the benefit of participating to fix things and of course we have to have one good republican who can stand above the rest. Someone with some courage, someone who can be accepted by both sides. If we can do that, we may be on the road to recovery.

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Agree. I hope the Democrats do look at all this and say, “We have a problem”. I don’t know if they will and have concerns about their leaders being able to step up and do so. The Republicans. Who knows., it is such a mess. The real losers, us the American people.

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Thank you Lisa, I believe that the right has deliberately erased it from our education system'

It is much easier to control the uneducated and it is hard to sell their ideology which does not benefit the poor, the middle class or blue collar workers. They only cater to the wealthy. They demonize the dems and encourage people to only watch Fox News etc.

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It seems the GOP party leaders are now like monkeys with their hands caught in a hole in a juicy coconut, the coconut inside being their power, greed, deception, corruption, cowardice, MAGA conspiracy theory Idiocracy? The monkey trap is that monkeys have to have their hands cut off to LET GO of the coconut inside, and typically they will let their hands be cut off instead of let go of the coconut. I.E. the collapsing star that is getting hotter until it collapses as Steve said. So this is a perilous predicament for our nation. We need a few GOP house reps to STEP UP, TO GROW UP, TO COLLABORATE, and likely new solutions that have not been thought of before, We need to evolve into new and better politics. Let go of the coconut and get it together!

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Steve had suggested on Twitter that the Democrats with a handful of Republicans should pick Liz Cheney as House Speaker ( it turns out you don’t have to be an elected official to be speaker). Nice and creative out of the box idea and maybe worth at least trying.

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Help - I just looked up House Republican Moderates and recognized almost none and the policy positions of the leader, David Joyce, were contrary to the values I hold. I want this to work, but how?

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Oh how I wish this would happen! Thank you for putting this forward. Hopefully it will reach the attention of those who can act.

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I’m concerned everything we do in the US is becoming shaped by politics. Similar to the the 60’s and some of the ‘70’s. One difference is the economy. Life seemed to soar with art and music and fashion. It seemed optimistic. Today is tech and soft clothes and drawing battlegrounds. There was a kind of vision of the future then, as Steve is talking about that I don’t sense now. The vision was a clear path up. To all sort of positive traits. Education, equality, health for everyone, an extended life through science. You could feel it everywhere. That’s gone. People don’t want it. They are skeptical and angry. They will deny themselves a beautiful life if it means they get to deprive others of the same. It’s gridlock in the government in pivotal positions as in McConnell.

My focus in life was art. It’s become impossible as I knew it. Corporations have ruined it. Made it so only institutions can own the heritage that is the worlds. That’s ok and understandable. What is not is the dreck it dubs “fine” from what is being produced today. It has a parallel in the White House of the 45th. The problems we are facing in the world are not confined to politics.

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Is there anyone else out there enjoying a little satisfaction knowing that Donny boy will most certainly announce his candidacy from Mara Lago today...and that he most certainly will not win?

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Steve, thank you for your continued thoughtfulness and love of democracy. Your ability to articulate the story of where we are today is a gift.

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P.S. LOVE the AUDIO! Please keep them coming.

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