I had chills, listening. He had my listening ear. The photos are beautiful. He was a great man for our country in war, he led his men. His words so inspiring. His duty to his country fulfilled. Minus his fault. We are human, all with fault.

I have family in the military and I know the services, made these family members better people.

For Rump to divide them is most shameful.

President Biden and his cabinet had much to repair.

I will vote him in again.

Trump is nothing, he is the opposite of Presidential.

I will never forgive the Wealthy media coverage of that side show Don the Con.

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To courage, to integrity, the scarcest of all... in search of goodness in the pursuit of power, we have it in Joe Biden.. he was never perfect, but he’s always there: VOTE.

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Thank you for suggesting another look at the General who recaptured the Philippines, accepted the Japanese surrender of WWII and was relieved of his duties by Truman during Korea.

It is good to remember someone with a long view of history, and could speak authoritatively on core virtues of duty, honor and country. Something we need to be reminded of on an almost daily basis

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Jul 8Liked by Steve Schmidt

Steve, to say merely “thank you” for posting this does not convey the depth of my appreciation for you sharing this incredibly profound speech and your accompanying comments.

Keep going young man!

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Listening to the stirring words, “Duty, honor, country,” instead of thinking about all the smallness and pettiness of the age of Trump, I thought about some of the people I have come to admire in the last few years, people who exemplify adherence to “Duty, honor, and country.”

I thought of the many people who have spoken truth to power, knowing the loyalty of Trump’s base and their propensity toward violence.

I thought of whistleblower Alexander Vindman, who was faithful to the truth and who continues in his service to the country to be faithful to the values enshrined in our Constitution. I thought of the two teams of impeachment managers, who must have known that they would be subject to harassment and threats.

I thought of the witnesses who testified in the two impeachment hearings, especially Marie Yovanovitch, whom Trump attempted to intimidate as she was testifying.

I also thought of the courage of the police officers who testified, all of whom had already experienced the hatred and violence of the MAGA base firsthand.

I thought of the members of the January 6 Committee, especially about the two Republicans on the Committee, whose political careers were ended, at least for now. The death threats and hate mail they received must have been terrifying.

I thought of some of the witnesses to the Committee, but especially Cassidy Hutchinson, whose testimony changed the momentum of the hearings, in my opinion. I can’t imagine the courage it took for her to come to those hearings and speak the truth.

And I think of Jack Smith, who I am sure has now exposed himself and his family to the worst expressions of hatred and revenge of which the MAGA base is capable. I pray for his safety and for the safety of his family and for the safety of all who are engaged with him in the endeavor to preserve our country and our democracy.

All of these people have served duty, honor, and country. May God bless them all and keep them safe.

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To draft dodgers in the White House: William Jefferson Clinton, Donald John Trump... to criminals in the White House, Richard M. Nxon, Spiro T Agnew, Donald J. Trump, to brave men in the White House, Harry S Truman, Dwight David Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, George Herbert Walker Bush, to cowards in the White House, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, to liars in the White House, Donald John Trump, Thomas Jefferson, Mike Pence, to the best of the White House, Abraham Lincoln...to our very best citizen and jurist, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson...

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I paid my first visit to West Point last fall, merely by driving past it on a leisurely tourist trip up the west bank of the Hudson from Bear Mountain Park to Newburgh. After listening to this astonishing speech, I can voice why I am drawn to return for a civilian’s visit to the Military Academy: to pay honor, respect, and thanks.

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To General Douglas McArthur, you are not missed and not entirely forgotten, Korea remembers you, Manila remembers you, you were fired for insubordination to the howls of our fascist elites, and they are still with us, we are all the darkness and danger.

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Incredible speech...good luck finding this today.

My uncle, Walter Israel Wald (Class of 1940; POW Philippines 1941-1944; KIA 1944) and my father, Alvin Miles Wald (Class of 1944; Purple Heart WWll Europe) would be shocked if they heard the rhetoric of today’s “leaders”.

When Trump led the Jan. 6 insurrection on the Capitol, I was appalled to think the sacrifices of my own blood for the defense of this country had come to this day....my Uncle Walt paid the ultimate price as a POW of his Japanese captors in the Philippines, only to be killed in the closing hours of the war....how he suffered, but never complained. The letters he wrote home to his parents, my grandparents, never led on he was being tortured, beaten and starved.

My father, Alvin M. Wald fought and witnessed the brutality of the Nazis in WWll Europe, then returned home never to say a word about it, though I know the loss of his brother in the Pacific theatre and what he had seen in Europe deeply affected him.

Duty, Honor, Country.

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Wonderful speech. Values are important. Humans are imperfect, and often stray from the values they hold dear. Values remain steady. I think we focus too much on how we rate against other imperfect people rather than how our actions align with the values we claim to follow.

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With tears for our 6 children and 11 grandchildren.. for all children..

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To Steve, Thank you, Sir..

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Thank you for bringing us this marvelous testament to Honor, Duty and Country.

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Great speech. Thanks for pointing it out. McArthur is not at the top of my list of great historical figures. I prefer Patton. Maybe we can sometime talk a little about the Vietnam War. What a catastrophe. What a Johnson mistake. What a loss, 58,000 US losses.

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For my good friend and wife of 63 years... thank you.

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I was speechless at the end, with my mouth agape.

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