Do we want democracy too?

Avner Less was a Jew. A German Jew. His family was murdered in the extermination camps. His destiny required his survival. He became a policeman and rose through the ranks. He was an Israeli. Eichman was the organizer of the Wansee Conference, chaired by Reinhardt Heydrich in January 1942. It was the meeting during which the industrial scale murder of Europe’s Jews was planned. They spoke in euphemisms. They talked about shipments “east.” They talked about “special treatment.” They talked about settling the Jewish question and called it the “final solution.” The meeting was filled with lawyers. Everything was legal. The Nazis were obsessed with legality. Everything was buttoned up, especially the meticulous record keeping. The surviving set of minutes is the record of the greatest crime in the history of humanity – planned in a leafy Berlin suburb over a sumptuous lunch in just 90 minutes. That is all the time it took.

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