Sitemap - 2023 - The Warning with Steve Schmidt

Jason Smart explains why Ukraine’s future matters in the United States

"The buck stops here"

Evan Smith on the right-wing radicalization of Texas and the state of local news

David Rothkopf on the danger of Trump returning to the White House

Another disgrace at The New York Times

An American Christmas story

The 10 'best of' The Warning: 2023 Edition

EVENT: A Conversation with Congressman Adam Kinzinger & Steve Schmidt

America needs a vision for the future

The significance of the Lincoln Memorial

Shocking revelations about James Comey

Remembering Master Sergeant Roderick Edmonds

The embrace of fascism in the 21st century

American defiance

Farewell, My Kevin!

The deplorableness of Elon Musk, Vivek Ramaswamy and CNN

The truth about The New York Times

How Donald Trump and the MAGA Congress want to enable dictators across the world

The threat is Trump. PERIOD.

The danger of doublespeak

A dictator "for one day"

Trump's unrestrained campaign

Time erases memories

The rot in elite academic culture

We must speak about Ukraine

Mike Johnson: a monster in waiting

Donald Trump's second term

The weaponization of AI

Ron DeSantis is so small

Donald Trump is winning

Space cowboys

The unforgivable legacy of Henry Kissinger

Donald Trump's ambitions will show no restraint

Who is Nikki Haley?

On the edge of discovering a new era

When politics is stripped of grace and decency

Happy Thanksgiving

Remembering President John F. Kennedy

Take Donald Trump's promises of vengeance seriously

The immolation of X CEO Linda Yaccarino's credibility

A tribute to Rosalynn Carter

Elon Musk should be judged on his words

Indifference allows the hate to spread

A tale of three letters

"It's the police. Can you help us?” Not.

A disgraceful moment in the U.S. Senate

Missing the forest for the trees

Ambassador Haley: your hand is still up. Might you want to put it down?

Words matter

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross"

The story of Lidice

The Warning podcast: David Frum on Kristallnacht and more

The GOP debate that won't matter at all

November 9-10, 1938: Kristallnacht (The "night of broken glass")

How Donald Trump hopes to become an American dictator

Lucas Kunce on what it means to be a man

Donald Trump’s plans to destroy America

The path towards darkness and away from grace

The GOP freak show never rests

The end of liberty in America is in sight

Antisemitism reaches 'historic levels' in US

The greatest lie of this era

Goodbye, Mr. Vice President

I believe in choice

President Biden deserves a primary because the practice of democracy is necessary for its preservation

The era of the 'Handmaid' speaker has begun

Support for political violence on the rise, survey finds

A chance for something better

Did Matt Gaetz tear the House GOP apart?

I love my dogs

A free society is not fearful

A reminder to fight for what's good and right

In defense of freedom

2+2 = 37 "and the Democrats did it again"

Pictures of chaos

This country is in big trouble if Jordan is elected

The House Republican circus

Peace is what comes after war

Another solution

It’s up to us

The days ahead

The inescapable reality of defeating evil

A warning to America

The true meaning of 'de-escalation'

The wolf at the door

Will we stop the madness?

Take Donald Trump literally and seriously

My Kevin! My Kevin!

Kevin McCarthy's legacy

Kevin McCarthy: speaker in name only (January 7 - October 3, 2023)

An exceptional American leader

How Canada views a Trump-led America

Kevin McCarthy is drowning

Confronting mortality

How YOU can get engaged in civic life

Entering the MAGA lair

I want to hear from you

"What a clown show"

Credit where credit is due

Everything Trump says should be taken literally and seriously

Congressman Dean Phillips on whether he would consider running for president

NYT's David Brooks and the first rule of holes

A dire moment

"A dedicated public servant"

A great patriot

The election is about America, not Biden and Trump

An unholy union

The soundtrack of our lives

How Donald Trump inspired liars like Russell Brand and Elon Musk

A new wind blowing in the country

An opportunity missed

Exclusive Invitation: A Conversation with Margaret Sullivan & Steve Schmidt

The greasy pole of politics

The moral failure of the Boy Scouts of America

The last Republican

The dregs of Congress

The lost cause was and is an immoral one

Let's remember 9/11/01

A picture worth millions of words

Tuberville's hostage-taking of the American military

A masterclass on how to deal with demagogues

Recording: A Conversation with Bill Burton & Steve Schmidt

What is the 2024 election about?

REMINDER: A Conversation with Bill Burton & Steve Schmidt

"All for each and each for all"

The fever will break

What a magical country

"With malice toward none, with charity for all..."

Buffalo Country: this is our American history

The rich men north of Richmond

Delusion is a bad thing in a presidential campaign

Freedom and liberty are a moral proposition

Teddy Roosevelt on the character of the American people

A picture is worth a thousand words

What a joke

Tucker and Donald: a dangerous duo

The farce in Milwaukee

The debate questions that won't be asked

Who benefits most from Trump skipping the Republican debate?

REMINDER: A Conversation with Bill Burton & Steve Schmidt

Democracy dies in the plain light of day

Gutless in Mar-a-Lago

The peaceful transfer of power

Do you ever think about the Boomers?

Mitch McConnell: a small man when America needed a giant

And yet another indictment

Let the cameras into the courtoom

POLL: Should cameras be allowed in federal courtrooms?

Defeating the despicable

DATE CHANGE: A Conversation with Bill Burton & Steve Schmidt

Donald Trump's unhinged Newsmax interview

Citizenship and helplessness don't go well together

America is not our politics

Ron DeSantis is DeDone

The hour of choosing has arrived

Newsom-DeSantis debate is about the future of America

Ron DeSantis: "I will start slitting throats on day one"

What he did

Trump's betrayal

The MAGA vandals

How Donald Trump still holds control over the Republican Party

Delusions in the air

Ignorance is bondage

The charges against Donald Trump keep coming

Mitch McConnell is clearly incapacitated for his duties

Exclusive Invitation: A Conversation with Bill Burton & Steve Schmidt

The inmates are running the congressional asylum

The Republican meltdown has only just begun

A conversation with Fred Guttenberg

"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds"

Praise be

What Ron DeSantis doesn't understand about America

The rottenest people in Congress

Trump is in big trouble

Joe Manchin appears to be running for president

Casey DeSantis: a "secret weapon?" Not.


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The race ahead will be different than what it may seem today

The good Earth

Chris Christie will knock Trump on his a**

The age of Trump has become the age of taking

Tommy Tuberville: the dumbest senator

Fatherhood is more than a platitude

From DeTitanic to a Blizzard

"Duty, Honor, Country"

A New Jersey tale

Did you hear there was cocaine in the White House?

American pride

Americans celebrate freedom on July 4th

A democracy does not murder refugees

On This Most American of Days, Anything is Still Possible

Happy Canada Day!

I am very worried about 2024

A conversation with Dr. Ian Marcus Corbin

Liz Cheney's diagnosis of the Republican Party

The dictators' end

America in a period of decline

Trump discusses classified information in shocking leaked audio

Toxic algae harming marine mammals in California

One year on

What is No Labels doing?

Alito's corruption exposed

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito: Gone fishin'

The height of animal cruelty

The modern GOP/MAGA party is the Titanic party

Off to the races

What it means to be a father

"Paradigm shifts"

Donald Trump wants to be Putin

Don’t look away

Can you see the danger in our democracy?

The MAGA/GOP is a hive of extraordinary weakness and submission

Trump really liked his boxes

The fanatical GOP defense of Trump

Trump indicted again

SeaWorld's abuse of Orcas must be stopped

A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & Joyce Vance

Recording: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & Joyce Vance

America betrayed by Jay Monahan and PGA Tour

June 6: "Day of days"

Remembering RFK

America's "Greatest Generation" isn't born yet

Chris Licht's disastrous tenure running CNN

The mystery of the Orcas

Should cowardice be criminalized?

The brawler in the mix

The distortion and delusion of the MAGA/GOP view

Memorial Day

The fight of our lifetime is already underway

The edge of the cliff draws closer

"Diet Trump" won't work for DeSantis

DeSantis campaign launch explosion

A ludicrous launch for a ludicrous campaign

Ron DeSantis is a "fad," according to Representative Dan Goldman

The dying days of cable news

Who's to blame for the debt ceiling crisis?

In the garden

Tim Scott: can he compete?

GOP holding a gun to the nation's head

Restoring the American dream

The GOP's bumpy road ahead

The Warning episode: May 19, 2023

A journalistic giant speaks

Let's chat!

What happened to Rudy Giuliani?

Florida bans Holocaust textbooks

Licht to Trump: "Have fun"

Ron DeSantis: dead on arrival

CNN's lowest moment ever

Trump: the monster at our American door

Antisemitic incidents at an all-time high in U.S.

What a disgrace

EVENT: A Conversation with Joyce Vance & Steve Schmidt

The tragedy of Lindsey Graham is how ordinary he is

It's time to end this madness

We need to face reality

What is “a new CNN?"

The Warning podcast roundup

Quick poll: morning or evening?

Reforming the rot at the Supreme Court

Recording: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & Mehdi Hasan

"It's not how white men fight"

Will Kaitlin Collins take Trump to task?

Get educated

REMINDER: Exclusive Invitation for Paid Subscribers: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & Mehdi Hasan

Happy 90th birthday, Willie!

Mr. DeSantis goes to London

Playing the debt ceiling game

I want to hear from you

From Jerry Springer to Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson

Another day in America

Memo to Fox hosts: Rupert doesn't like Jesus

Our only hope?

Talking Tucker

Have you ever heard of 'stealthing?'

Tucker Carlson OUT at Fox

The majority of Americans don't want a Biden vs. Trump rematch

Republican repugnance

Jon Stewart meets the US military industrial complex

The complete collapse of Ron DeSantis' campaign

Jon Stewart meets the US military industrial complex

Jon Stewart meets the US military industrial complex

Can you smell the fear?

Exclusive Invitation for Paid Subscribers: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & Mehdi Hasan

The man they call 'Puddin' Finger'

Sickly senators

Lindsey fish

Did you hear...?

America's greatest grifters

FDR's legacy: saving civilization

Call it by its name: fascism

War on freedom

Don't stand on the sidelines

Message to Tennessee two of three: you don't belong here

Elon Musk goes to war against Substack

Clarence's continued court chaos

Morning nut

America's cancer

RECORDING: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & Representative Tim Ryan

"In the criminal justice system..."

A pathetic sight

The big day has arrived

TONIGHT: Exclusive Invitation for Paid Subscribers: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & Representative Tim Ryan

Marjorie Taylor Greene: The $12 million dollar woman

TOMORROW NIGHT: Exclusive Invitation for Paid Subscribers: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & Representative Tim Ryan

What will you wear to Tuesday's revolution?

America's greatest test

Remember Fala

What comes next for Trump and our country

A rubicon has been crossed

Chris Christie: a sudden change of heart

Must read: The Washington Post's "The Blast Effect"

Who is Trump?

Another gun massacre

Not so finger lickin' good

Donald Trump: "2024 is the final battle"

Why Donald Trump's Waco rally foreshadows violent days ahead

What the world saw in Ottawa was strength

Donald Trump's violent threats

Jim Jordan is constitutionally clueless

Access journalism: delusion and arrogance are a bad combination

Exclusive Invitation for Paid Subscribers: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & Representative Tim Ryan

Remember the four freedoms

Thinking about Trump on the North Korean border

A book worth reading

Donald Trump: innocent until proven guilty

The King's speech

CNN: too clever by half

Elizabeth Warren gets it

Good morning, Vietnam

Buy Tim Scott on the political futures market; short the rest

The tragedy at Mỹ Lai: an American shame

The degradation of the Republican Party

Mike Pence is a moral coward

Why the American media is broken

Media bedfellows or not?

Motorbiking through Hanoi

A reminder of the importance of bipartisanship

March 9-10, 1945

Tokyo takes

Tucker Carlson can't stop lying

"Crazy D vs. Tiny D"

Trump's CPAC speech foreshadows a deranged 2024 election cycle

The audience that Fox fears losing

The truth matters. Let it ride

Recording: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & John Nichols

Fox News is a cancer

FINAL REMINDER: Exclusive Invitation for Paid Subscribers: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & John Nichols on Wednesday, March 1 from 8 - 9:30 pm EST

How Fox News and Rupert Murdoch have destroyed America

How did that happen?

America's child labor outrage

REMINDER: Exclusive Invitation for Paid Subscribers: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & John Nichols

Reality has arrived

The danger the world faces one year after Russia invaded Ukraine

Godspeed, President Carter

The power of propaganda

Shame on you, Marjorie Taylor Greene

The juxtaposition between an American president and a wannabe from Tallahassee

"Rage Against the War Machine" organizers are Russia's useful idiots

Kellyanne, Trump and mini horse, according to ChatGPT

Prime time lies and a lemon in the morning

Why President Biden shouldn't run in 2024

Exclusive Invitation for Paid Subscribers: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & John Nichols

Where are the Ukrainian children?

Nikki Haley is an American Albert Speer

Why Nikki Haley will never be president

What did Jared Kushner do to get $2 billion in Saudi money?

Why Jared Kushner is the real criminal, not Hunter Biden

Why President Biden was right to reject Fox News on Super Bowl Sunday

“Hate is such a drag”

Trump and MAGA Republicans don't realize what makes America great

World War Stupid

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s antics spell disaster for America

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: a hideous figure in American life

The state of the union is perilous

Appearance on Victor Shi's "On the Move"

Marco Rubio fears the Chinese balloon, but not the Trump insurrection

What really is the State of our Union?

Jeff Miller: the “bag man”

Weekend Watch: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & Michael Steele

Double amputee shot dead in the back by police

Ron DeSantis: the book banner

FINAL REMINDER: Exclusive Invitation for Paid Subscribers: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & Michael Steele

The winds of catastrophe are stirring

REMINDER: Exclusive Invitation for Paid Subscribers: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & Michael Steele on February 1 from 8 - 9 pm EST

Over the thin blue line

REMINDER: Exclusive Invitation for Paid Subscribers: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & Michael Steele

Fascists hate and drag queens love

Murder in Memphis

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Here we go again: a media kiss for Trump

The continued rise of extremism in America

Celebrating the protester

The Stockdale Paradox

The Stockdale Paradox

Trump's utter lack of dignity

Oh, deer!

Arm the Ukrainians

CHANGE OF DATE: Exclusive Invitation for Paid Subscribers: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & Michael Steele

We the People

O, hello!

George Santos must be expelled from Congress

The enduring legacy of Sargent Shriver

A nation overflowing with genius and leadership

Exclusive Invitation for Paid Subscribers: A Conversation with Steve Schmidt & Michael Steele

The age of delusion is cracking

"But Biden did it"

A tribute to MLK

Dolphin dives

How we got here

Your best wildlife photos

Kellyanne Conway and The New York Times, perfect together

The collapse of the American media

Be still and observe the crazy

Fat takers in the swamp

A nation of explorers

Undercover Schlapp

Prince Harry has changed the rules of the game

The hypocrisy of Matt Schlapp

What should be talked about at the North American Leaders' Summit

A man named Sam

Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries: a new captain has arisen

Share your inspirational quotes

A tragic week for America

January 6: the day that will live in infamy

The oldest synagogue in continuous use in the Western Hemisphere

A rare alignment: Hannity/Ruhle vs. Boebert

Kevin’s end

Piers Morgan, the brittle bully

Good riddance, Kevin

The 118th Congress will be a dumpster fire

The Duchess of Sussex and her stalkers

Hopes for 2023